BPMNClient is a lightweight Node package to remotely access bpmn-server using bpmn-server WebApi

See code Example using bpmn-clienthere

Alternatively, you can access bpmn-server through http(https) calls, view Postman documentation

bpmn-server provides api calls to the following objects:

WebServices Architecture

Web Applications can use bpmn-server WebServices to manage workflow in a similar manner described here:

  • App logic decides to start a Process or throw a Message
  • App UI display to the User list of Processes to Start
  • App UI display to the User list of outstanding User Tasks to execute and prompt user for input parameters (if required)
  • Workflow App can notify involved users of new User Tasks


Perform WebAPI calls to the execution Engine

Method parameters return description
start name, input , startNodeId?,options? Instance – Start a new Process execution
invoke itemQuery ,input Instance Invoke an already started Item (waiting)
throwMessage messageId,input Instance Issue a signal or message
throwSignal signalId,input Instance Issue a signal or message
get instanceQuery Instance Get an already running or idle Instance
status Return as list of running instances or recently completed


Perform calls to BPMN defintions

Method parameters return description
list string[]
load name definition


Perform calls to DataStore , accessing processes data

Method parameters return description
findInstances instanceQuery Instance[]
findItems itemQuery Item[]
deleteInstances instance Item[]