1 Install WordPress Plugin

1.1 Download WordPress Plugin file

Download files from github  or  zip file here to your desktop

1.2 Install the downloaded file to WordPress site

From your WordPress Administration Dashboard, select Plugins


2 After Install

2.1 Configure Dashboard Menu

The installation routine adds a new page called ‘omniworkflow‘ that will provide access to all the features based on user authorizations.

settings-omniworkflow page

You need to create a new menu option so front-end users can access the workflow without a need to WordPress Administration Dashboard

settings-dashboard menu

2.2 Configure User Roles

Omni-Workflow provides the following capabilities

omni_admin Full capabilities to administer the workflow
omni_model Model processes, add and delete processes
omni_design Design Processes
omni_view_model View Models only
omni_view_design View Designs only

To authorize users or roles these capabilities you can use a plugin like ‘Capability Manager Enhanced’

settings-Users Caps plugin

settings-Users Caps 1settings-Users Caps 2








2.3 set-up Cron Job

If any of your Processes require  timers or delayed processing, you need to setup Cron Job, see instruction here

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