Case Management


Case is the Process Instance. Every time a Process Starts a new Case is Created.

Case holds all required information about the process, including the various interactions and flow.

Without the Case, Process becomes merely a modeling exercise.

Case Status

OmniFlow records Case Status as the process goes from one node to the next.

Case Status 2Case Status is calculated from the Name of the Event. In addition Designer can mark new Case Status for every flow.


Case Status

Case Status Implementation:

Storage: Case status is saved in Case table (latest status) as well as CaseItem table for historical reasons

Two queries:

1) Case Count by Status

select count(case) , caseStatus group by process,caseStatus will list count of various cases in all possible status values

2) Case History

Show caseStatus and caseItem by date


ProcessItem->CalculateStatus() will be invoked at end of every ProcessNode

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