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Service Layer API

Service layer API, supporting access control has the following componets

  • engine BPMN Execution Engine
  • data Provides access to the BPMN datastore for instances
  • model Provides access to BPMN models

To access the service layer API:

    const api = new BPMNAPI(new BPMNServer(configuration,new Logger({ toConsole: false}),{cron:false}));

    console.log('---calling start----- ');

    let response = await api.engine.start('Leave Application', {reason:'I like it',type:'Vacation'}, SystemUser);

    console.log('---calling assign----- ');
    await api.engine.assign({ id: response.id, "items.elementId": 'Request' }, {},{}, SystemUser);

// or you can designate a specific user
    let user1 =new SecureUser({ userName: 'user1', userGroups: ['Owner', 'Others']});

    console.log('---calling invoke----- ');
    await api.engine.invoke({ id: response.id, "items.elementId": 'Request' }, {duration:'20 days'}, user1);

    const items = await api.data.findItems({ id: response.id, "items.elementId": 'Request' },SecureUser.SystemUser());

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