Integration into your Application

In this document, we discuss how to integrate your application with bpmn-server.

bpmn-server package is a NodeJs package requires an application as a front-end and to customize the workflow logic

We provide a sample demo application in bpmn-web as a github template

To deliver a complete workflow, you need to customize the bpmn-web to suite your needs or you can have your own app to be the front-end of the workflow.

We assume that you are already familiar with setting up bpmn-server along with your processes and having them running.

Please note code in this page is for illustration purposes only.

Workflow Application Components

UI and User Authentication

In the demo app:

|   +---examples        examples stand-alone scripts
|   +---routes          express routes 
|   +---scripts         stand-alone express (cli/setup)
|   +---test            test scripts
|   |   +---feature
|   |   +---helpers
|   +---uploads
|   +---userAccess      Using passport
|   |   +---config
|   |   +---controllers
|   |   +---models
|   |   +---routes
|   |   ---views
|   |       ---account
|   +---views           express views for bpmn-web
|   |   +---includes
|   |   +---models
|   |   ---partials
|   ---WorkflowApp     Entry point into application 

Workflow app

This is your custom installation of bpmn-server

Folder Class


Entry point to application configuration parameters and defining various components used in the workflow app.


appServices Receives Service Calls
appUtils Provide common methods to application scripts